November 2006 Meeting Actions

The following Actions are taken from the November 06 User Group Meeting Minutes

Please update your actions with a Status Line to record progress or difficulties.


Action: David B to investigate costs and get a suitable development board made for testing (NOR Only Build).

Balloon License

Action: David B to update the License with respect to the comments made and re-issue it for broad approval.

Action: Stephen A to communicate the next version of the BOHL to a US based lawyer colleague for comment.

Building Distributions

Action: Jim, Nick, Wookey to investigate feasibility of Open Embedded building etc. and of snapshot and freezing distributions.

Action: David B to investigate where a machine could be put carry out daily builds.

Action: Wookey, Nick and Jonathan to interact to merge the kernels (so that there is a single tree for everyone).

Action: Wookey and Jonathan M to come up with a process for modifying and recording Kernel changes that covers the use of SVN and Quilt.

Kernel Development

Action: Jonathan M agreed to investigate making NOR accessible from Linux. This will have implications for the creation of a Linux based Boot loader and for the supporting of a NOR only machine.

Action: Nick B to try an EABI build and see what happens.

Action: Paul to try current SUN Java in a Balloon context.

Action: David B and Chris J to investigate and fix (The half speed memory interface on Balloon 3).

Add-on Boards

Action: David B to produce a blank schematic as a starter for producing backplane boards.

Action: David B to produce an FFC breakout card to allow connections from FFC’s to be connected to solderable connectors compatible with Balloon 2.

Boot Loader

Action: Colin to, once again, try and bring bootldr up to gcc 3 or even gcc 4.

Action: Jim / Nick to examine a Linux boot loader solution.

JTAG Chain

Action: David B to get bflash working for Balloon 2.

The Following are a record of actions from the June 2006 User Group Meeting.

June 2006 Meeting Actions

This page is derived from . See that for details pertinent to the actions below.


ACTION: Wookey/Nick/Laurence/James will arrange to merge 2.6 kernel trees. STATUS: UNderway (2006-06-26). Nick has most stuff merged in on husaberg. lwithers will add guralp extras.

ACTION: Paul Fidler to post CUED RT patches so we can put them on the site in case anyone wants to refer to them. (Low priority)

ACTION: Lennert/Wookey/Nick/Laurence/Noodles - After merging trees kernel team will ask Lennert Buytenhek to help prepare, review and submit patches to mainline.


ACTION: Wookey/Colin: Detail toolchain choices (debian/other) in docs and put toolchain packages/tarballs on the site.


ACTION: James/Laurence - put their bootloader on and add info to wiki.

ACTION: James to provide Colin with software/links to linux Xilinx tools STATUS: Readme provided - awaiting tarball

ACTION: Colin to test and incorporate to bbl

ACTION: Dave/Nick/Wookey/Colin - merge bootldr versions and get one that does everything into SVN


ACTION: Dave - upload bflash stuff.

ACTION: Colin - integrate with bbl

ACTION: Wookey - put DaveB in touch with OpenJTAG people.

ACTION: DaveB/James - Work out if co-operation is appropriate and what to do next if so. report back.


ACTION: Dave - supply VHDL for balloon3 logic.

Builds and Variants

ACTION: Dave/Steve - publish schematic and Netlist (This will happen at the next main build)

ACTION: Dave - propose a couple of default build options.

Add-on boards

ACTION: Everyone - tell Chris what you want in terms of add-ons.

ACTION: SteveW - supply protel design/schematics for backplane and board base design, so people have a starting point for special-purpose add-on boards.


ACTION: Chris/Dave write a hardware developers page for the Wiki/Web

ACTION : Wookey - Move irc server to somewhere more reliable than Aleph One.

ACTION: Wookey - Give everyone at this meeting who doesn't have one a login:


ACTION: Wookey/Nick - put up an nfs-root tarball suitable for development.

ACTION: Wookey/Colin/Jim - Examine alternatives and choose/configure something to be a default.

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