Here are the binary images that we have been loading into shipped Balloon2s, in case you need to go back to a known-good image.

On 2.05g boards shipped from Sept 2003 onwards:

This is the currently-recommended set of files, which has a newer bootloader that allows easy changing of the board 'build' flavour, and a newer kernel (2.4.25), but is otherwise as above. An updated root image with the 2.4.25 kernel modules in would be useful, but I haven't prepared one yet (Wookey).

Important: If you are attempting to load a yaffs filesystem image, such as the root filesystem, into a partition which already contains a filesystem, it's likely that the resulting mixture of new and old filesystems will cause problems. These can range from mysterious files which won't delete to a kernel panic when attempting to mount the filesystem.

To avoid this, erase the NAND flash and reset yaffs before loading a new filesystem: %%%nand erasechip %%%yaffs reset %%%load root

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