The Balloon Open Hardware License (BOHL)

The Balloon Open Hardware License (BOHL) will be used to protect and define the openness of the Balloon board design.

It was initially presented at the User Group Meeting in November (2006) and has now been updated and extended.

It is still in Draft form but is now available for general comment.

You can obtain a PDF of the current version of the license here:

A version that shows the changes from version 0.1 is available here:

You are strongly encouraged to read it and comment via the mailing list.

The license is intended as a general purpose open hardware license and is not written specifically for the Balloon board.

It is important that the BOHL is reviewed by people who will take a different perspectives because it must be acceptable not only to the designers, but also the manufacturers, distributors, system integrators and end users, and of course their lawyers.

If Open Hardware is to become a viable concept then a good license is important, just as the GPL and its variants give confidence to the Open Software community.

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