Loading Your Root Filesystem

Sometimes it's convenient to copy a root filesystem on to a Balloon from a USB stick. This is how to do it.

The instructions below assume that you have a file debianrootfs.tar.gz which you would like to load into the Balloon board, and that you have a serial console and programming board with USB host connector set up. The USB host connector requires that the Pinko FFC is connected. The USB stick should contain a gzipped tarfile of the root filesystem.


First, get a serial connection to your Balloon board's console working. Switch on the board, and press space to get to the bootldr prompt. Boot into the boot/recovery kernel:

set bootscript=exit
boot flash

Log in as root (no password). Mount the root filesystem:

mount /mnt/root

and now mount your USB stick:

mount /mnt/sda1

On the Balloon board, change to the right directory and delete any existing filesystem contents:

cd /mnt/root
rm -rf *

Deleting the existing filesystem may take 5-10 minutes.

Now unpack the new filesystem (change the filename to reflect yours):

tar xzvf /mnt/sda1/yourfilesystem.tar.gz

The process takes some time, so make some tea. It will probably take about 10 minutes.

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