Kernel images

There are two kernel images in the binaries/kernel directory.

Root password

The default root password is 'rootme'. You'll be asked to change it at first login. I changed it to something else and then immediately back to 'rootme' so it remains the same as the Balloon 2 default root password.

File transfer

To use ZMODEM to send files to the Balloon while it's running Linux, lrzsz needs to be installed. The Debian package file for this is conveniently in /root, so after logging in:

dpkg -i lrzsz_0.12.21-4.1_arm.deb

will do the necessary.

Kernel modules

The root filesystem image doesn't have any kernel modules installed as standard, so you'll have to upload them to the Balloon. There's a file modules.tgz in the directory binaries/kernel. Upload this file and untar it into /lib/modules.

cd /lib/modules
tar xzf [wherever]/modules.tgz

I did

depmod -a

afterwards because it seemed like a good idea, but I don't know whether it's really required.

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