Using Emdebian Grip 1.0 {armel} on balloon3

Standard Debian debootstrap is not sufficient to create a bootable root filesystem for balloon3, various elements are configured to expect a machine more like a standard PC.

Emdebian provides a wrapper for debootstrap that can add the customisations needed for particular machines and variants, including balloon3. Emdebian Grip is a smaller binary-compatible Debian. [ Machine:variant] support allows Emdebian to customise the debootstrap environment with extra packages, replacement configuration files and scripting, configurable repositories and support for compressing the debootstrap into a tgz.

Building a root filesystem for balloon3

emdebian-rootfs uses a nominated working directory (configured using debconf): $workdir in the following example.

Use  dpkg-reconfigure libemdebian-tools-perl  to change the value.

$ sudo apt-get install emdebian-rootfs
$ cd $workdir
$ mkdir machine
$ cd machine
$ svn co
$ emsandbox --arch armel --machine balloon --variant grip create

$ ls -lh /opt/emdebian-armel-balloon-grip.tgz
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 36M Mar  4 09:16 /opt/emdebian-armel-balloon-grip.tgz

/opt/emdebian-armel-balloon-grip.tgz is then available for use in the same way as debianstage1root.tgz in normal balloon setups - copy to an ext2 formatted USB key with at least 200Mb free space, create a symlink to the .tgz called debianstage1root.tgz and plug into the balloon. Boot the balloon into the development environment (boot flash) and run setup.

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