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setterm control for balloon

setterm can control terminal blanking and powerdown modes. To encode this control within other scripts, redirect the output of setterm} to a file but do not be tempted to use cat on the file. Check that you have a file of non-zero length with ls -l and then view the file as binary using a hex editor like bless. The binary code can be echo'd to the specific terminal to implement that level of control using /bin/echo -n -e . echo is a shell wildcard and does not always work, so specify the path to the real echo binary.

# setterm -blank 0 -powersave off
/bin/echo -n -e "\e[9;0]\e[14;0]" > /dev/tty1

Arm (or armel) Linux For Balloon

You can run anything you like on your Balloon. It doesn't have to be Linux, but so far that's what everyone has used, except one project that essentially ran using just the bootloader.

There are various distributions used by various people for various purposes. Here we bring together the options.

Things are made more complicated by the 2006/7 incompatible change in the arm ABI.(Called oldABI and EABI respectively below)

The Balloon team maintains a 'distro' for the balloon. This actually includes several rootfses and corresponding kernels, bootloaders etc. The current release is test-v0.3. This includes

Other systems produced so far are:


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