We will be holding a Balloon developers meeting for those actively involved to discuss where we are at, what to do next and who is going to do it. The emphasis wil be on technical issues such as bootloaders, kernel versions, code management, hardware variants, as well as general strategy in terms of acheiving what people want to achieve.

This will be at 11:00 am Friday 9th June at Toby CHurchill Ltd offices in Over, nr Cambridge,UK. Anyone who is working on Balloon is welcome, and anyone considering joining the team would also be very welcome.


Add any items you specifically want discussed here:


If you are considering coming please add your name to the list.

Currently 11 people, and pretty much a full house of developers, which is excellent.

Key Signing

If anyone is interested in taking part in a PGP/GnuPG keysigning at some point during the day then bring some Government issued photo-Id and some key fingerprint printouts.

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