Using Xilinx tools under WINE

The Xilinx design and programming Tools were only available for Windows prior to 2006. Fortunately, they run OK under the Windows 'Emulator' WINE, so you can still use them to make Changes to the CPLD code without having to find a Windows machine. However you can't actually do the parallel port progamming under Wine (because it uses a VXD), so you need to save the output to an SVF file, then convert that to an XSVF file to download in the usual way.

The secret rune to make this work is:

XILINX="C:/XILINX" wine $HOME/.wine/fake_windows/Xilinx/bin/nt/impact.exe

For this to work you need to have set up wine's drive image is .wine/fake_windows/ (the default), and installed the Xilinx tools in it.

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