_Getting started with your new Balloon board_

This page assumes you have just got your shiny new Balloon and are wondering how to set it up and use it.

Quick Start

* Power up the board.

* Connect a serial terminal

* On applying power (or pushing the reset button (blue momentary action button)), you will see nothing for 10 seconds. During this time you can press a key to get to the bootloader - and will then see a Boot> prompt. If no kernel is installed then you will also get to this prompt. See (BootLdr) for documentation on the bootloader.

If left to complete you will see the linux console boot messages (BootExample) finishing with Starting thttpd... and finally a dollar prompt at the top of the (uncleared) screen.

By default the supplied distro logs in the 'autorun' user. To login as root the password is 'rootme' (as in the familiar distribution).

More detailed info

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