Making hardware costs real money. Development was originally paid for by Toby Churchill Ltd, and later Cambridge University Engineering Dept MDP project. In 2007 Balloonz Ltd was set up to manage production, sales and marketing with finance provided by Toby Churchill (the man, not the company).

It turned out that the Balloonz name was too cool and had already been taken so Balloonz transmogrified into iEndian Ltd.

iEndian will be very pleased to sell you a board or a few hundred, as required.

David Bisset is MD and hardware man. Wookey is software man. Toby Churchill is finance man.

Please enquire if you are interested in balloons in any context. We are interested in possible uses, people who want to buy some, people who want to help develop stuff. This is a collaborative excercise.

For sales enquiries either look at the iEndian website, email Toby Churchill <>, David Bisset <> or just use the Balloon Mailing list

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