vHere are some useful bits of information for those trying to get a Sony ACX-750AKM LCD as supplied by [ Aleph One | http://www.aleph1.co.uk/ ] working with a Balloon board.

First of all, the hardware. Here's a circuit diagram of a power supply and interface to go between the loon and the display.

Illegible PNG format: http://www.martin-jones.com/balloon/balloon-sony-interface.png %%%Legible PDF format: http://www.martin-jones.com/balloon/loon-sony-1.0.PDF

The interface needs a +5V supply (can really be anything from 4.0V to 6.0V). All the enable signals are pulled high, so things should just come on. The BACKLIGHT_EN and POWER_EN signals are 5V logic levels and the LCD_EN one is 3V.

The Molex-connected harnesses to the Balloon board don't need all pins connected because the Sony LCD only uses the top three bits of red, green and blue, so you can save some money on the alarmingly expensive Molex wires.

This interface exists as a PCB. Here's a photo of it in partly-assembled form: http://www.martin-jones.com/balloon/interface-640.JPG

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