Balloon drives any LCD the CPU can, so, swiped from the SA1110 datasheet, The SA-1110's LCD controller has three types of displays:

The LCD framebuffer is driven by the CPU copying data repeatedly to the device, so it is quite easy to use all your memory/CPU bandwidth refreshing the screen. There is a useful paper on the sums here:

There's also a DC-DC converter on board, which generates the odd bias voltage that some (particularly simple monochrome) displays need.

TCL have a custom display working with the board.

Aleph One have a number of these nifty 240x160 colour displays datasheet). An interface board has been proved and designed. It just needs laying out and building now.

Here's a page with some information about getting the 240x160 colour display to work: ACX705AKMInfo

Note (not on datasheet), forward voltage drop of LCD Backlight LED array is approx 6.75v when measured with a current of 15mA flowing though the LEDs.

Also in the pipeline are TV-out, VGA-out widgets and secondary LCD widgets. Bribes will make them happen faster. -- Steve

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