Getting Started with your new Balloon

This page assumes you have just got your shiny new Balloon and are wondering how to set it up and use it.

(If you have a Balloon2 then the info is on Balloon2GettingStarted)

Quick Start with CUED board

115200, 8N1, no flow control (TX, RX, GND). Serial cable is fitted to removable plug which can dangle out of the PCMCIA slot. 9pin D.

Power is supplied via the barrel connector. 6-24V, centre positive. You should get 4 orange LEDs on the CUED board (2 on the auxiliary power board). If you get one red LED then that indicates overcurrent, overvoltage or possibly 'PSU too weak to start switcher'. The PSU should be able to supply up to 1A for start-up.

Turning on the power should produce output immediately on serial. See BootLoader for details. You should get a boot prompt "boot>" after a few seconds. If you don't hit space to stop it then if a distro has been installed then it should automatically boot the kernel.

To boot the rescue/installer/NOR image instead of the normal one give the command "boot flash".

Either way you should get to a linux login prompt. The login is either "root", no password, or "root", "rootme"

Quick start with bare Balloonboard

A bare balloonboard takes 3.6-4.6V. Power can be supplied via the main molex connector J10, or J11 or the Pinko connector. FPGA board usually have the molex fitted, CPLD board usually don't and you'll either need to solder a couple of power wires on or fit a connector.

Typical current is 300mA at 4V.

115200, 8N1, no flow control (3 wires). Serial available on centre pins of power socket (shares GND with power) and on J11.

Programming an empty Balloon3

See BalloonSoftwareLoading

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