Connectors on 2.05 board:


USB Master sockets

For connecting e.g. a mouse or keyboard

J19, J20: USB type A sockets (connected to U29 Philips USB controller)

J15, J16: Duplicates of J19 and 20 on topside, AMP connectors (these signals are also available on the Samtec expansion connector)

USB slave sockets ('computer connection')

J18: USB B type socket (connected to SA1110)

J7: Duplicate of J18 on topside, AMP connector

J21: USB B type socket (connected to U29 Philips USB controller)

Serial & JTAG

For configuration and debugging

J1: CPU JTAG and 3rd (main) serial port

J9: CPLD/FPGA JTAG and 2nd serial port


J6: First LCD connector (power, clocks, bias and bottom 4 data bits)

J2: Second LCD connector (top 12 data bits)


J11: Stereo speaker

J16: Stereo microphone


JP1: Power (6-40V 'vehicle grade')


J17: clock battery connector

J4: Samtek expansion connector

J14: Compactflash connector

J12: 'Pinko' 0.1" header - Amplified Audio, 1st serial port, 3.3 and 5V power, Reset

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